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    Career Building, Youth, Rural Communities


Yanxing was founded in 2002 by a Taiwanese businessman, York Chen, with the goal of providing financial, emotional and professional support for rural students who study at top universities in China. Meaning “movement of wild geese,” the name of Yanxing alludes to the flight formation of geese, in which the group can achieve far greater distances together than as an individual. When rural students move to cities to continue their studies, they often struggle to close the academic gap that stems from their rural upbringing while dealing with cultural shock, emotional insecurities, and social isolation in an alien environment. In addition to providing financial aid for rural students to continue their studies, Yanxing offers a community and support network to empower these students to make more full use of opportunities in the cities, build their confidence, and broaden their exposure. Driven by the belief that students are as much agents as they are beneficiaries, Yanxing fosters the students’ ability to organize their own events ranging from community outreach trips to professional internships. The Yanxing community now consists of eight schools, including Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University, and others.