• Shenzhen’s Angel Home Care Center for Children with Special Needs

    Shenzhen’s Angel Home Care Center for Children with Special Needs (known as “Angel Home”) first established its “Brain Injury Rehabilitation Room” in the Shenzhen metro area in 2010 to provide support for families of children aged 0-14 suffering from cerebral palsy. The organization provides free rehabilitation and open resources to these families and nurtures the child’s social development. The organization advocates for scientific brain injury research and additional social services to help children with such injuries get on their feet and into their communities. Angel Home is the only organization in Shenzhen that does not bar services to foreign or migrant workers and plays an important role in aiding the development of Shenzhen children with special needs.

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  • Smart Air

    Smart Air is a social enterprise that promotes DIY air purifiers as a low-cost solution to indoor particulate air pollution in China. Smart Air provides open-source test data and hosts workshops across Asia to teach people how to make DIY air purifiers. Founded in China, Smart Air also ships low-cost purifiers to people in India, Mongolia and other countries across Asia.

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  • Sticky Rice Love

    Sticky Rice Love is a Hong Kong-based organization that offers an online platform for young people to discuss, share, and better understand sexual issues. The organization aims to empower young people to make healthy, informed choices. The online forums include group discussions with sex therapists and other experts to provide Hong Kong youth with reliable information. The organization also publishes a journal that presents sexual health information using an approachable, youth-focused manner. In the long-term, Sticky Rice Love hopes to contribute as a research platform to Hong Kong sex education, and create an effective bottom-up curriculum specifically suited to Hong Kong’s youth population.

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  • Tai Po Baptist Church Social Service

    Tai Po Baptist Church Social Service (TPBCSS) is a Hong Kong organization that provides support services for families in Tai Po district in the New Territories.Through its community center, parents and children receive counseling in addition to engaging in diverse group activities that foster personal growth. TPBCSS also works with primary schools to offer social worker services on campus. It is one of the few organizations in Hong Kong that has a distinctive focus on providing professional guidance and aid to special needs children, such as those diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) or autism. In addition, TPBCSS has launched a number of community outreach programs that connects volunteers to address local needs, such as elderly care, community building, and volunteer network development.

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  • Xixi Garden

    Xixi Garden, founded in August 2015, aims to popularize “Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)” in schools and communities where migrant children study and live in China.

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  • Education in Sight

    Education in Sight Logo

    Education in Sight is a non-profit organization whose vision is a world where no student has their academic potential limited by lack of access to corrected vision. The organization aims to deliver a pair of glasses to every student with nearsightedness in Yunnan – an estimated 1,000,000 students – by the summer of 2018. Education in Sight addresses the problem of poor vision in three ways: access, affordability and attitude. It brings local eye doctors directly to schools to perform exams and deliver eyeglasses. The organization also provides low-cost glasses to students at no charge. Lastly, it trains teachers to promote a positive culture and ensure students continue to wear glasses in the long-term. With a pair of eyeglasses, a student with poor vision can see academic performance jump by the equivalent of an entire extra year of school.

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