Sticky Rice Love

  • Year of Establishment


  • Area of Operation

    Hong Kong

  • Field of Work

    Sexual Education, Education, Youth, Online Community, Social Innovation

Sticky Rice Love is a Hong Kong-based organization that offers an online platform for young people to discuss, share, and better understand sexual issues. The organization aims to empower young people to make healthy, informed choices.

Problem Statement

Sex tends to be a taboo topic in Hong Kong, and sex education and related discussions are not very accessible to many youth. People tend to avoid talking about them, perpetuating a cycle of lack of information and understanding. Yet sex education is crucial to making healthy, informed decisions.

Solution Statement

Sticky Rice Love aims to empower young people to make healthy, informed choices. With increasingly more young internet users, an online digital platform promoting approachable sexual health discussions and information would provide convenience and accessibility to youth. The online forums include group discussions with sex therapists and other experts to provide Hong Kong youth with reliable information. The organization also publishes a journal that presents sexual health information using an approachable, youth-focused manner. In the long-term, Sticky Rice Love hopes to contribute as an open research platform to Hong Kong sex education and create an effective bottom-up curriculum specifically suited to Hong Kong’s youth population.