Social Innovation

  • Ace Youth

    Ace Youth is a Chengdu-based organization founded in 2011. Its mission is to inspire youth to explore their potential and equip them with tools for innovation. Ace believes that youth can bring about change and that youth development is the key to social innovation. The organization offers an open communication and practices platform to encourage the idea of “I Think, I Change” and inspire youth to think independently and take up social responsibilities through participation in public affairs. The center has hosted several large conferences and events, including the “Idea Meeting,” the “Grand Tour,” and the “Youth Forum.” To date, it has held more than 200 activities, totaling over 50,000 participants.

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  • ReBag

    ReBag is a social enterprise and creative brand that discovers and integrates different elements of fabric, techniques and accessories across cultures and regions. ReBag aims to tell the stories behind the accessories, including the material, the techniques and the people who create these products. ReBag started as a clothes refashioning company with jobs of dignity and moved on to become a creative design brand which believes that sharing the stories of people and culture underlying our accessories products brings inspiration and empowerment.

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