Sunshine Library

  • Year of Establishment


  • Area of Operations

    Beijing, Rural China

  • Annual Operating Budget

    500,000 RMB

Sunshine Library seeks to improve education quality in rural areas by providing advanced information technologies (hardware, software, and digital teaching resources) and developing innovative technological approaches that can better help teachers, thus promoting education equality.

Problem statement

Due in part to a lopsided distribution of educational resources, rural children in China (especially at the village level) do not have the opportunity to receive high-quality early childhood education. Thus, these children from the bottom of society already lag behind urban children even before entering primary school. The root of the problem lies in the lack of professional kindergarten teachers at the village level, and the lack of training opportunities and effective training methods for teachers.

Solution statement

Sunshine Library develops advanced information technology solutions (including hardware, software and digital teaching resources), which can be used in teachers’ teaching process. Focusing on early-stage education, Sunshine Library trains kindergarten teachers to use innovative technological approaches in teaching children.

Main programs

The Sunshine Box: develop approaches that can technically help teachers’ teaching and support teachers in kindergartens in China’s rural areas.  The “Sunshine Box” project will indirectly benefit rural children by directly supporting the professional development of teachers.

How will the world be different because of Sunshine Library?

More kindergarten teachers in rural areas will have access to teaching resources and tools that have been scientifically designed, which will improve the education quality and narrow the gap of education inequity between city and country.