• Year of Establishment


  • Area of Operations

    South Asia, SE Asia, Africa, and Greater China

  • Annual Operating Budget

    340,000 RMB

Lensational is a non-profit social enterprise that equips marginalized women in the developing world with digital skills and photography training.

Problem Statement

Economically, women only earn one-tenth of the world’s income; one of the reasons for this is that women spend two to ten times as much as men on care responsibilities. Emotionally, they are often barred from expressing themselves not only because two-thirds of the global illiterate population are women (520 million women), but because of an inherited patriarchal system.

Solution Statement

Lensational pioneers an approach of using photography to empower women. Women’s emotions and thoughts can be easily expressed through a click of the shutter, despite restrictions of illiteracy as 520 million women worldwide are still illiterate. Their empowerment is sustained through the social enterprise model at Lensational whereby images taken by women are sold through our distribution channels including Getty Images, with 50% of revenue going back to the women directly.

How will the world be different because of Lensational?

Lensational imagines a world whereby through photography, women can express themselves freely, fulfill their aspirations, and be represented in a dignified way. Marginalized women whose voices are rarely heard, perspectives rarely seen will have a voice, base of strength and source of income through photography. On a broader level, our participants are taught to create images that challenge gender stereotypes in an authentic way, in particular in developing countries, as they define what gender means to them.