• Year of Establishment


  • Area of Operation

    Beijing and Rural China

  • Annual Operating Budget

    255,000 RMB


Hiker fosters young rural social entrepreneurs to improve their abilities and broaden their horizons, thereby driving more people to eliminate poverty and make sustainable impact in rural China.

Problem statement

Rural young entrepreneurs are faced with difficulties including unbalanced resource allocation, paucity of systematic training, and limited connectivity to the outside world.


Solution statement

HIKER is committed to offer support to rural youth starting their own businesses. It is a platform that provides trainings, tutorial, and sharing sessions, in which rural youths are able to utilize the resources to advance abilities in their start-ups.


Main Programs

Hiker’s Growth Plan

Empower: Invite outstanding rural youth to share their stories and inspire other rural youth.

Educate: According to youths’ needs, give them training through focused training and field training.

Action: Inspire students to use what they learnt and match them with mentors in related area

Award: Award outstanding students based on government’s supporting policy