Lean in China

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    Hong Kong

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In 2013, Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In encouraged women to “lean in” to their ambitions. Lean In China is the platform for this message in China. Its mission is to empower Chinese women to pursue their goals and aspirations. Lean in China seeks to actively build communities for women to thrive across China, promoting a culture of mentorship, leadership and mutual support. At present, there are sixteen cities and 40 universities that have established Lean In China communities. Women's Rights; Community Building; Career

Problem Statement

According to Lean In China’s research on Chinese females’ professional experiences and direct interactions with them, it was found that professional women face three major challenges: a) lack of confidence; b) lack of role model; c) difficulty to establish networks outside one’s own circle. Lean In China believes that personal development and success have more to do with soft skills than hard skills. These research results helped them realize the intrinsic challenges facing China’s professional women, reflecting their lack of and need of soft skill development.

Solution Statement

To tackle these issues, Lean In China have developed three programs: a) social network program; b) mentorship program; and c) leadership program. The social network program helps women build confidence and connections by establishing active professional women networks and communities. The mentorship program aims to help women find their role models and mentors in order to promote a culture of mentorship and assist women with career developments. Lastly, the leadership program provide women with a platform to enhance and share networks, soft skills and leadership skills through leadership development lectures and soft skills development training classes.