• Hua Dan

    Hua Dan Limited is a Hong Kong-registered charity dedicated to using the power of participation in theater workshops as a tool for individual and community transformation. Through these workshops, Hua Dan assists migrant workers and their children in Mainland China, who are either migrants themselves or left-behind to stay with family. Hua Dan seeks to achieve this through three main goals: personal leadership, relationships and participatory arts.

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  • ReBag

    ReBag is a social enterprise and creative brand that discovers and integrates different elements of fabric, techniques and accessories across cultures and regions. ReBag aims to tell the stories behind the accessories, including the material, the techniques and the people who create these products. ReBag started as a clothes refashioning company with jobs of dignity and moved on to become a creative design brand which believes that sharing the stories of people and culture underlying our accessories products brings inspiration and empowerment.

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  • Suzhou Happy Drum Teenagers Cooperation Center

    Suzhou Happy Drum Teenagers Cooperation Center is a Suzhou-based organization that organizes educational activities for migrant children, families, schools and communities. The project aims to provide a positive growing environment for youth through musical education, primarily focused on group drum-playing. Since its foundation in 2011, the center has been driven by the belief that every child has infinite potential, and that the companionship fostered by music can help unlock it. The organization’s slogan—“Happy drum, happy children!”—reflects this core mission.

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