LIFT Forum

Leadership Innovation & Future Thinking (LIFT) High School Forum

Yale Center Beijing | October - December 2019

At a Glance

This fall, Yale Center Beijing and PIM are joining forces to launch the Leadership Innovation & Future Thinking Program (LIFT) Forum for high school students to learn through community service and innovation.

LIFT is designed for students interested in getting an experience of Ivy League instruction while building their leadership skills by working on a community project.  Students will be guided to think outside the box and devise a project that addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals challenges.


Application Deadline: September 16, 2019
Participant Application: Click for details
Fellowship Application: Click for details

Why Join?

  • Advanced Workshop Structure

    Using an Ivy League syllabus, the LIFT Forum focuses on building participants’ understanding in issues related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Participants will hone their research and communication skills, in addition to developing global mindsets and innovative thinking.

  • High Quality Community Projects

    Participants are guided to design and develop meaningful community projects that are eligible for international competitions such as the global “China Thinks Big” competition or other domestic competitions. They will also share their projects to a group of judges at the end of the program to receive feedback.

  • Ivy League Experts

    Participants will attend workshops at Yale Center Beijing –lectured by Yale’s Tsai City Program Director, Onyeka Obiocha, and PIM Co-Founder & Yale Alumnus, Jasmine Lau. They will also be matched with other top mentors from Harvard, Columbia, Oxford, and others to guide them on their projects through online sessions.

  • Program Certificate & Recommendation Letter

    Participants will earn a certificate from PIM & Yale Center Beijing for their impact leadership skills and commitment to community service. Recommendation letters are available to top participants of the program.

Inside the Program

  • Session 1

    October 19-20

    Explore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals together through the lens of economics, policy, and entrepreneurship. Use design thinking and various research methodologies to map the landscape of problems, solutions, and gaps related to a community challenge. Form project teams and team contract.

  • Session 2

    November 16

    Go on site visits with community organization leaders and entrepreneurs to learn about real world approaches to solving problems. Gain an in-depth view of how an organization works and deep dive into the process for innovation.

  • Session 3

    December 14-15

    Build capacity as a young leader through a series of workshops focusing on communication, problem solving, creativity, and presentation skills. Present research and project design to a board of judges on December 15 to get feedback.

"It was a comprehensive program from the start till finish, and I couldn’t have asked for more. Through understanding the challenges, and trying to synthesize what I learned, I was able to broaden my skills in empathetic listening, negotiation, systems thinking, leadership, and teamwork, which proves invaluable to strengthen."

Model Foundation Participant '19

"I've been thinking for a while now about starting my own social enterprise or nonprofit. This trip with PIM not only strengthened this desire, but reminded me of the vast resources and support system available to people who want to pursue this path."

India | Impact Investment Participant '18

“PIM connected me with people at the forefront of China's social sector and inspired me to start a China-focused social impact initiative at Princeton. The people I met at Model Foundation are some of the brightest, most passionate young people I have ever come across - it's amazing to have them as a support network.”

Model Foundation Participant '17

"What impressed me the most was how deeply the concepts of community, charity, and service appeared to permeate everyday life, and how so many in India are integrating these principles into the core of their businesses. I couldn't believe my eyes."

India | Impact Investment Participant '18

"The business models we studied changed my career path forever. I realized how I could do what I like to do - finance, accounting, investment - within social ventures in order to help people. I am so grateful for the opportunity given by PIM…. This is a change point in my whole life.”

Model Foundation Participant '18

“PIM has inspired me a lot by changing my perspective on “doing good.” There are tons of channels to do good and I think finding the most impactful way is absolutely important. I have a clearer picture of realizing my aspiration… starting my own project for the group I care for in the near future!”

Social Impact Fellow '18



Applicants should meet the following conditions:

  • Students in Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12
  • Proficiency in English, all sessions will be delivered in English (Recommended English Test Score: TOEFL 80 or higher, or the equivalent in other widely-recognized English level tests)
  • Ability to engage in oral discussions and work in a team setting
  • Self-motivated and willingness to challenge oneself


Program Fee: $3,800 USD (26800 RMB)

Inclusive of program participation fee for online and offline sessions, as well as daily lunch during the offline sessions.

Hotel accommodation next to Yale Center Beijing can be arranged with an additional fee.

5% “buddy” discount for participants who apply together (please indicate in application to receive discount).

PIM Fellowship:

One (1) fellowship (full program fee waiver) will be awarded to the top candidate with financial need. To be considered, applicants must submit a fellowship application form here in addition to the program application.

How to Apply

More questions? Contact us at or add our PIM Assistant at: pimassistant1