Influence for Good

Develop your own mission and voice as an influential leader by learning from innovative organizations and universities driving social impact in the U.S.

New York City, USA | July 13-22 | August 15-24

At a Glance

You want to do more than make money – you want to make a difference. As a student leader inspiring lasting change. As a global professional with dynamic networks. As a brand manager for a socially responsible company.

Our generation is reshaping how we do business, marketing, policy and philanthropy. Using a “learning by doing” model, this program provides rising international leaders with the tools to make a difference — focusing on core leadership skills ranging from negotiation to systems thinking, innovation to public-private partnerships. Develop your own mission and voice as a leader and “influencer” by learning from top universities like Columbia and Yale in addition to innovative organizations driving social impact in the United States.

When: July 13-22; or August 15-24

Where: New York City, USA

What is it: 10-day immersive study tour program on social responsibility and public-private partnerships for good.

Who: Aspiring changemakers; Policy graduate students; Marketing students; Campus leaders; Community leaders; Intrapreneurs; Early-stage entrepreneurs; Non-profit and social enterprise professionals; Current and aspiring CSR professionals

Program Cost: 2500 USD (Early Admission), 3000 USD (Regular). This fee covers program tuition, local transportation, 9-night accommodation, and daily lunches. Participants are responsible for their flight to New York, visa, insurance and other personal expenses.

*Limited financial aid and fellowships available for qualified candidates. Learn more here.

Early Admission Deadline: April 18, 2018
Rolling Deadline: May 18, 2018
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Why Join?

  • What you do

  • What you gain

  • Online course and offline workshops

    Through online and offline training and hands-on workshops, learn directly from cross-sector leaders to build skills in systems thinking, social entrepreneurship, partnership building, storytelling, public speaking, crowdfunding and more.

  • Mentorship and international networks

    Connect with faculty, social entrepreneurs, and innovative projects at Yale, Columbia, and University of Pennsylvania. Explore public-private partnerships and manage conflicts in a complex network of stakeholders.

  • Site visits and field immersion

    Site visits to innovative startups, companies and nonprofits to explore New York's vibrant social impact ecosystem. Use PIM's tools to design projects alongside leading start-up companies and non-profits organizations.

  • Opportunity to make a difference

    Hands-on workshops and mentorship on storytelling, marketing campaigns, sustainable branding and more. Our generation’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make a difference will change the world. Lead your peers by making real impact now.

  • Capstone project

    Work on hands-on projects: design and consult on projects alongside leading start-up companies and non-profits organizations. Develop an action plan for you/your organization.

  • Social Impact Certificate

    Earn a certificate recognizing your skills, training and potential for making impact.

Inside the Program

  • Learn the Foundations

    Pre-program Online Course

    Build skills through a world-class online curriculum with materials sourced from Yale, Stanford, and leading foundations.

  • Engage through Practice

    July 13-22 or August 15-24

    Conduct site visits to local innovative companies, start-ups and non-profits organizations. Create stories, marketing campaigns, and sustainable branding to advance a cause.

  • Grow the Movement


    Continue to receive mentorship in addition to social impact career development opportunities through PIM, Advance your social mission to influence social good in your community.

“Last summer I met a group of talented, aspiring and responsible young changemakers. We collaborated to comprehensively assess non-profit projects in China and finally delegate a fund of USD 20k to the most promising ones. Different from my finance background, Model Foundation provided me with a brand new perspective to think about social issues and my career path. After a systematic study about philanthropy and face-to-face meetings with all participants, I believe more than firmly in the prospect of leveraging business methods for scalable social innovation. Thanks PIM for this wonderful experience and I hope more people can join in this endeavor!"

Eaffi You

University of International Business and Economics '17

“Before PIM's Model Foundation, philanthropy seemed a bit strange to me. I used to confuse charity with philanthropy, which actually offers more than merely donating money and time. Rather than simply giving money to those in need, philanthropic organizations offer them ways to be better off and this new kind of thinking benefits the society as a whole. By engaging young people in the decision making process, the program educates us how philanthropy can work under the new era and how to make an impact through collective efforts. PIM's model foundation has reshaped my ideas and view towards philanthropy and I would consider it when deciding my career path.”

Alison Weng

University of Auckland '18

“PIM connected me with people at the forefront of China's social sector and inspired me to start a China-focused social impact initiative at Princeton. The people I met at Model Foundation are some of the brightest, most passionate young people I have ever come across - it's amazing to have them as a support network.”

Vera Lummis

Princeton University '17

"Through Model Foundation, I gained a systematic understanding of the philanthropic sector as well as its newest innovative developments. This program model really engenders you with a strong sense of participation. As a Model Foundation member, I evaluated organizations with my peers, comparing their different principles and standards, and were altogether fully responsible for the final funding decision. Being able to affect public welfare and help organizations achieve their mission made me realize the full extent of the responsibility on our shoulders as part of this endeavor."

Ally Luo

Hong Kong University '19

"Model Foundation is an excellent platform for evaluating and understanding the development of Chinese NGOs from a perspective of a foundation. I had the privilege of gaining insight into the development of a local NGO in China and securing funding for them. While researching their work, I was deeply moved and impressed by their mission and work, and became a fully-fledge volunteer for the organization afterwards. I truly believe that Model Foundation can let young people better understand the development of Chinese NGOs, and as a result, make China better, together."

Chuqi Yan

Shanghai Jiao Tong University/Cornell '18


Participants will be selected through a competitive application process. Our participants come from top universities and companies around the world. Aspiring changemakers; Policy graduate students; Marketing students; Campus leaders; entrepreneurs; and early-stage entrepreneurs up to age 30 are encouraged to apply.

Successful applicants demonstrate:

  • Highly-motivated young people in possession of innovative and open mindset, willing to connect with peers from all regions of the world
  • Track record of creating, spreading and leading solutions to pressing social challenges, be it through entrepreneurship, policy, student clubs, volunteer work, or others.
  • High proficiency in English with the ability to engage in complex discussions (program is entirely English-based)

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How to Apply

Priority Deadline: April 18; Final Deadline: May 18