On May 4, we invited three outstanding PIM alumni to share their stories, motivations, and plans to build a meaningful career plans in a variety of industries, spanning across technology, finance, and journalism. These young changemakers shared how they are beginning to shape meaningful career paths—before and after graduation—across a variety of industries, from traditional non-profits to tech startups. We asked them to share with us their current paths, how they got interested, and what motivates them, as well as to share any advice they have to young students and graduates looking to build a career with meaning! The following is a condensed summary of our conversation. If you would like to listen to the full event, please scroll down to the recording below!

Speaker Introductions

Cengiz Cemaloglu is a junior at Harvard College, pursuing a joint concentration in Social Anthropology and Government, with a secondary in Philosophy. He attended Model Foundation 2016 last summer while interning in Beijing. He currently sits on the board of the Harvard/MIT COOP, Harvard Art Museums, and manages Identities Fashion Show. This summer he will be working for Goldman Sachs in New York City (NYC) as well as a cosmetics startup called Válida.

Rachel Landau is the Development & Operations Associate at Callisto, a nonprofit startup that makes technology to combat sexual assault and support survivors. Based in NYC, she previously worked in fundraising at Girls Inc. and has her BA in International Affairs from the George Washington University. She wrote her senior thesis on sex education for high school students in mainland China and was a member of the Model Foundation 2016 cohort.

Michelle Zhang is a junior studying journalism and economics at Tsinghua University. She joined PIM as a Communications intern last year and was part of the Model Foundation 2016 cohort. After spending an exchange semester at the University of Texas in Austin last fall, she returned to Tsinghua, where she is currently interning at UNDP China, promoting public-private partnerships to better achieve Sustainable Development Goals.