PIM’s programs — Model Foundation and Hands on Philanthropy — engage young individuals in thoughtful, collective giving through dialogues and direct action. PIM creates an interactive space for students and young professionals to experience and experiment with making decisions as part of a giving circle. Using the philanthropic education model developed at Yale and other leading universities as a basis, our programs offer:

  • Cross-cultural dialogue between young people in HK, China, and US
  • Exploration of best practices in modes of social change
  • Discussion and consensus-building through PIM analysis framework
  • Interaction with NGOs and social sector leaders
  • Matching funds from senior philanthropists or partners


Model Foundation: Model Foundation is an international summer program on venture philanthropy and social innovation, with an emphasis on combining practice with theory.Held in partnership with the University of Hong Kong in 2014 & 2015, and Yale Center Beijing in 2016, Model Foundation helps participants develop their leadership capacity and master skills in design thinking, organization evaluation, public speaking and negotiation.

Applicants selected into the program will work with local nonprofits and social enterprises to assess their needs and impact, coming together in the final week to make strategic decisions on how to distribute a PIM fund of 20,000 USD to organizations that they deem to be the most impactful. Participants can also access a wide array of social sector and business leaders as well as online lessons to develop personal and professional skills to become effective changemakers in their communities.


Hands on Philanthropy: Hands on Philanthropy is a collective giving workshop that provides participants with the opportunity to learn firsthand how to give smarter and more effectively. The workshop introduces participants to a wide array of NGOs and social enterprises, and gives them a framework through which they can evaluate these organizations is the best fit for them based on their values, effectiveness, and other relevant factors. Participants contribute to a pool of donations and collectively decide on how to best allocate their fund.Hands on Philanthropy is a three-hour workshop that allows participants to experience and experiment with philanthropic giving. It introduces participants to three China-based NGOs and teaches them how to evaluate these organizations. Participants contribute to a pool of donations, for which they will collectively decide on one of the NGOs to receive.


Mission Driven Careers: Mission Driven Careers is a series of online and offline events centered on the theme of cultivating a career with a social mission. Participants will hear from a diverse array of speakers working in different industries and roles, seeing firsthand how to leverage private resources for the public good and make a positive impact on society.

Through our programs, participants will:

  • Access a network of change-makers, from renowned philanthropists, corporate leaders, or simply like-minded individuals who wish to do something significant.
  • Discover promising NGOs and examine their projects
  • Gain expertise in the given issue area while deepening understanding of civil society and social action groups
  • Form an informed outlook and develop personal tools for practicing philanthropy
  • Build leadership skills through acting in teams and resolving differences