Don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions at info@pimchina.org.

  • I’m interested in all the program offerings. Can I apply to more than one?

    Yes, definitely! Just indicate on your application which programs you want to participate in. Participants who join all three programs will receive an advance certificate recognize your abilities across multiple social innovation skill sets.

  • I don’t fall into the age range listed. Can I still apply?

    We prioritize the young people ages 18-30 for the Model Foundation (Beijing) and Influence for Good (New York City) programs, and up to age 35 for our Investment for Good (Delhi) program. We do make exceptions on a case by case basis so encourage you to apply and make note in your application as to why you are the right fit for this program.

  • What does the program fee include? Am I responsible for obtaining a visa?

    Model Foundation: Start-Ups for Good

    Location: Beijing, China
    7-day immersive program on venture philanthropy and social innovation

    Program Cost: 1000 USD(Early Admission), 1500USD(Regular). This fee covers program tuition, local transportation, 7-night accommodation, and daily lunches. Participants are responsible for their flight to Beijing, visa, insurance and other personal expenses.

    Investment for Good

    Location: New Delhi Region, India

    What: 7-day program on impact investment and inclusive development

    Program Cost: 1500 USD (Early Admission), 2000 USD (Regular). This fee covers program tuition, local transportation, 7-night accommodation, and daily lunches. Participants are responsible for their flight to Delhi, visa, insurance and other personal expenses.

    Influence for Good

    Location: New York City

    What: 10-day immersive study tour program on social responsibility and public-private partnerships for good.

    Program Cost: 2500 USD (Early Admission), 3000 USD (Regular). This fee covers program tuition, local transportation, 9-night accommodation, and daily lunches. Participants are responsible for their flight to New York, visa, insurance and other personal expenses.

  • The programs include a pre-program online course. Is this required and how much time will this take?

    Our programs include an online course designed to provide you with the foundational theory and concepts, so that you can focus on developing and practicing a hands-on social impact skill set on the ground.

    Online course materials will require 2-3 hours/ week of work, for up to 4 weeks prior to the program. You can complete the course at your own pace, and all you’ll need is an internet connection.

    Please note that all participants will gain access to high-level training, networking and social impact opportunities at the philanthropy conference. Teams representing organizations selected as finalists – based on their potential for impact — will be selected for the decision-making grant committee.

  • Who leads PIM programs?

    PIM has more than five years of experience leading and delivering social impact training programs for young people. In each community, we work with a network of innovative early stage organizations, foundations, companies and institutions with relevant expertise.

    Our network of mentors, speakers and trainers span a wide range of careers, but they share in common their passion for social innovation and belief in cross-sector partnerships. Through conversations and hands-on workshops, we aim to inspire participants to consider innovative approaches to making effective local impact in the program and beyond.

  • How do PIM’s programs make an impact in local communities?

    PIM’s programs transform participants into highly effective changemakers, while having a meaningful impact on the community.

    Each PIM program works with local non-profit and social enterprise partners, committed to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their respective communities.

    In all of our programs, participants design projects and make decisions on how to best support our partner organizations. In our Model Foundation program, participants will decide how to award a fund of $20,000 USD. In Influence for Good and Investment for Good, participants will work closely with local partners to design and deliver projects to support their work.

    Together, we are working to leverage our resources as millennials – our skills, networks, and more – to support local efforts to challenge obstacles to education, eliminate poverty, empower women and much more.

  • What do you say to people who want the type of experience a PIM program offers but can’t afford it?

    We offer fellowship and scholarship options. With this support, exceptional candidates participate in the program either free of charge or with at a significantly reduced cost. Learn more about scholarships and fellowships here: http://pimchina.org/en/aid/

    If you would be interested in sponsoring a young rising leader to participate in PIM’s programs, please send us an email at programs@pimchina.org. Our network of partners include international foundations, institutions, and companies committed to developing the next generation of socially responsible leaders.