Mission and VisionMission and Vision


Philanthropy in Motion (PIM) provides young people with the funds, training, and networks to become more intelligent and effective givers. Founded by a team of graduates from Yale, Harvard, Cornell, and Peking University, PIM uses a comprehensive philanthropic education model designed to teach participants effective ways of assessing impact in the social sector and allow them the opportunity to allocate crowd-funded donations to China-based NGOs.


Our vision is: to empower young people to contribute to human welfare and advancement by engaging in thoughtful, intelligent giving. To realize this vision, we operate under the guidance of four core values.

Access. Philanthropy is not just for the retired, wealthy, or successful. Young people, too, can give effectively to causes they care about.

Strategy. Giving is done not just with the heart, but also with the mind. Conducting due diligence and evaluating social impact are necessary for responsible donations.

Collective Impact. Charitable giving and social investments, when done collectively, can achieve greater outcomes. Such collective giving experiences can also enhance leadership, deepen values, facilitate communication, and foster responsibility among young people.

Innovation. Young philanthropists require a space to innovate, experiment and develop their own solutions toward social problems.